10 Raffle Ideas for Nonprofits, Charities, and Events

The barrier to entry for this is higher than with other fundraisers, so make sure you have interest from people who can participate. Rain can delay or even prevent your tournament from finishing, so pay attention to the latest reports. Make sure registrants provide contact information in case you need to inform them of any scheduling changes. Running Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas can be complex, so it might be good to have someone with nonprofit training help out. Ask participants to obtain pledges for the number of home runs they hit. You’ll need to do some significant marketing to convince the food truck operators that it’ll be worth bringing their trucks over. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas
Partner with a local bar or restaurant and ask them to donate a certain percentage of their profits from happy hour to your organization. Have your supporters pledge to walk 10,000 steps a day for a certain amount of time (a month, for instance) and have their friends and family sponsor their effort. Digital downloads are popular for phone and desktop screen savers and art prints that people hang in their homes. Ask local artists to create art related to your cause and donate it to your nonprofit. If your organization is focused on the arts or you have supporters that have an interest in art, an online art class can be a great virtual fundraiser for you. Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas
Before the pumpkin smashing event, set up collection points where people can drop off their pumpkins after they’ve served their purpose. Choose a venue and make sure there’s enough seating for your audience. Chances are the weather won’t be warm enough to organize a movie night outside. Otherwise, look for a movie theatre ready to donate the space for the night or another big space where you can put up a movie screen. Decorate the space with the colors of the season (black and orange), as well as cobwebs, fake blood, goblins, zombies, witches, and more. Have your volunteers help pack bags for customers in exchange for donations.
Safety is always a concern when dealing with the elements, especially in cold weather. Be sure to bring life jackets for those who need them and consider hiring medics to be on hand in case of emergency. A garage sale can be held any time of year, so long as the weather won’t prevent setting up your goods in the neighborhood’s open garages. Make sure to review what everyone’s doing ahead of time to be sure it’s appropriate for the whole family. A theater, school, or community center could work, depending on what’s available.
Following a foolproof template is the best way to make sure you’re hitting all the essentials. Then, you can customize and personalize your letter to really catch your donors’ attention. You can even get the whole community involved by setting up shoe donation drop-off centers around the neighborhood. All you need is a jar full of candy (e.g., jelly beans, M&Ms, or Skittles) and have students and teachers pay a small amount to guess the number of candies in the jar. Before the event, sell custom t-shirts that guests can wear during the festivities to further show their support. Think large cutouts of dinosaur bones, caveman exhibits, mockups of famous paintings.
Proper planning and attention to detail can make all the difference in reaching your fundraising goals while building strong relationships with the community. The best seat in the house fundraiser is a very effective high school fundraising idea. At its core, the best seat in the house is a raffle that awards the winner two prime seats to a sporting event or theater performance. Just like with team fundraising ideas, more tangible fundraising products like this yield better results.
Or ask the food trucks for a flat fee or a donation amount of their choosing. If you opt for a voluntary donation, be ready to name a suggested minimum. Some states have deemed them illegal as part of gambling, while other states allow a raffle fundraiser for just about anything.