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Users can manage and control data, generate leads, capture local votes, gather history and demographics, and do more using a dashboard. It helps run successful campaigns based on prospect interests using an activity stream and issue-based tagging.It offers targeted communications with smart fields, segmentation and automated email actions. It also enables leadership through peer-to-peer outreach, permission control, recruiter tracking and customizable volunteer management. It offers peer-to-peer fund gathering, app-based auctions, event management, online handheld kiosks and more.
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It connects socially responsible companies with charities and voluntary groups that need their support. The platform brings lots to the table, including donations and fundraising pages, volunteering, in-kind giving, payroll giving and grants. KindLink emphasises the impact of donations and charitable work with a ‘wall’ of activity for each charity/project. Many platforms distinguish ‘platform’ fees from other fees like ‘payment processing’ fees or deductions from Gift Aid. Always take a holistic view of costs, both to your charity and to your donors, who may be asked to tip the platform.
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Rainey’s boss set up a GoFundMe account to help make up some of her lost income. A small local charity, Kari’s Heart Foundation, also helped out by paying about $3,000 worth of phone bills and car payments, staving off repossession. ALSAC, which handles St. Jude’s fundraising and investments, has 2,188 employees in Memphis and in 36 regional offices across the country. More than 400 of the fundraising arm’s employees are paid over $100,000, according to IRS filings.
This can be a strong motivator to raise funds in a short amount of time. StartSomeGood is a crowdfunding platform designed to help individuals, nonprofits, and other organizations fundraise for social impact causes. Similar to GoFundMe, Fundly enables fundraisers to set up personalized fundraising pages. You can upload photos, videos, and a campaign description to your page, then get started posting fundraising updates and sharing your page on social media.